Sandhall Pond Regulations

  1. Fishing from dawn to dusk only.
  2. Only two rods allowed per angler. Rods must not be left unattended. Any member who leaves their swim must withdraw their rod (s) from the water.
  3. Line of 8lbs minimum breaking strain must be used including hooklength.
  4. All fish to be immediately returned to the water from which they were caught.
  5. All anglers must possess a landing net of at least 36inches and an unhooking mat of at least 2ft x 3ft
  6. No cans allowed
  7. No nuts allowed
  8. No tents allowed
  9. Fishing from the designated pegs only.
  10. Juniors under 12 must be accompanied by an an adult ticket holder at all times. The number of juniors per adult shall be a maximum of two.
  11. No wading
  12. Vehicles must be parked in the area provided or on the grass verges and not where they may cause an obstruction or block entry to farm gates. Entry to and egress from the fishery must only be by the two designated access points.
  13. Only barbless hooks to be used.
  14. No braided mainlines to be used.
  15. No pole fishing
  16. A maximum of two rods to be used on each peg