Knottallow Tarn

Panoramic view of Knottallow Tarn

Knottallow Tarn: Information

Knottallow is a picturesque Lakeland Tarn situated on the fells 1 mile north of Ulverston stocked exclusively with Brown Trout up to 3 lbs. The tarn, which was manmade over 150 years ago covers approximately 6 acres and is split into two, about 80 metres from the dam by an old causeway; most likely being the original dam as the water was extended some time in the past. The causeway is partially submerged allowing fish access to both parts. Due to its age Knottallow Tarn has long since reverted to what could be described as a natural water and relies solely on natural springs, rainfall and some land drainage for the inflow of water. The Tarn is not very deep - average depth being just under 2 metres, and can be fished with a floating line throughout the season. The fishery has an abundance of natural fly life and will appeal to anglers who adopt an imitative approach. Fishing is by conventional fly fishing methods only.

Knottallow Tarn: Parking and Fishing

The aerial photograph shows where to Park at Knottalow Tarn. Entrance to the tarn is via the kissing gate. On arriving at the fishery, please enter your name in the record sheet contained in the box, then enjoy your day's fishing. On finishing, could you then enter the details of your day. The information on the records sheet is there to help others following you. We hope you made use of this information provided by those fishing before you.

Knottallow Tarn: Day Tickets

Ulverston Angling Association is issuing Day Permits to its premier brown trout fishery at Knottallow Tarn. Day Tickets can be purchased as an E Ticket by following this link. Should you want guidance on the process of purchasing an E Ticket follow the link.

Aerial layout Knottallow Tarn