Ulverston Angling Links

Code of Conduct The National Angling Association's Code of Conduct for Coarse Anglers. This is a seriously good read. If you want to know what you really should be doing when you fish including, Care of the environment, Litter/nylon line, Wildlife and the bankside, Conduct at the waterside, General safety to tackle, rigs and bait, through to Fish handling, and photography then read this guide.

Ulverston Canal Carp Fishing Facebook Group This is a likeminded set of carp anglers who fish the Ulverston Canal. Join the group for information, tips and tricks on the great UAA Carp water.

Ulverston Angling Knottallow Tarn Brown Trout Fishing Facebook Group Join this group to keep up with what's going on at Knottallow Tarn where Ulverston Angling offers Brown Trout fishing in a wonderful fellside location.

Texel Sheep raised at Stonebeck in Cumbria UAA Committee member Andrew Butcher has been raising Texel sheep in Stonebeck in Cumbria for over 10 years. In the UK Texel sheep have shown that they are capable of withstanding the rigors of the Scottish winter without any hardship and their progeny have proved to be as adaptable in our climate and altitude so they are very suitable to Cumbria.