Ulverston Canal Regulations

  1. Rods must not be left unattended. Any member who leaves their swim must withdraw their rod (s) from the water.
  2. All fish (except carp and pike) to be immediately returned to the water or keepnet.
  3. All pike and carp to be immediately returned to the water and never placed in keepnets or other receptacles.
  4. All anglers must possess an adequate landing net.
  5. Hand and head torches only to be used when night fishing.
  6. Livebaiting is banned. Only shop bought dead baits and sea dead baits to be used.
  7. Members fishing for pike must be equipped with long forceps, wire trace and large landing net.
  8. Bloodworm & joker only allowed from 1st nov. Until 28th feb.
  9. Cars must not be parked on the towpath or its verges south of the main railway bridge.
  10. No wading.
  11. A maximum of 4 rods only per angler, noting that an extra ea licence is required.
  12. Barbless or debarbed hooks are recommended.