Knottallow Tarn Regulations

  1. The season is from 15th march to 31st December inclusive.
  2. Monday commences the fishing week
  3. Members are allowed to fish 7 days of every week
  4. The total daily bag limit is two fish per day per member and a maximum of six fish in each fishing week. The size limit is 300 mm (12 inch) from tip of snout to fork of tail. Anglers must cease fishing when two fish have been killed.
  5. Fishing shall be by conventional fly-fishing methods only.
  6. Not more than one rod shall be in use at any one time
  7. When fishing the rod must be held at all times
  8. The use of any receptacle or net for the keeping of live fish is strictly prohibited
  9. When fishing sunken line tactics the fly must be continuously worked.
  10. The use of booby type flies and buoyant lures on sinking lines is prohibited.
  11. Entry to and egress from the fishery is to be via the kissing gate only.
  12. Anglers must sign the returns book before commencing to fish and complete the return on finishing fishing. This includes nil returns.
  13. Fishing is permitted from the dam wall but in the interests of safety, anglers are requested not to fish on the overflow
  14. Wading is allowed to wellington boot top level only.
  15. Float tubing is permitted with a maximum of 3 anglers at any one time, tubers must wear life jackets and not stray within 25metres of bank anglers.