Ulverston Canal

Ulverston Canal: Information

Ulverston canal is the shortest and deepest canal in the country and was constructed in 1796. The canal is around 1.25 miles in length and on average 20 metres wide.

Ulverston Canal: Pegs

Unlike most navigable canal the pegs on Ulverston canal are deeper at around 5-6ft in the middle of the canal becoming shallower as the margins are reached. There is a "boat" channel (even though no boats are on the canal) and this is much wider than on a standard canal. Good fishing can be had just on the edge of the towpath side of the boat channel - not much more than a rod length out.

Ulverston Canal: Natural Pegs

More natural pegs are found toward the canal head (which is nearer the town), these are not constructed, more just fish as you find them. These pegs seem to be more popular with pleasure fishermen and carp anglers.

Ulverston Canal: Match Pegs

Match type pegs can be found at Canal Foot (which is nearer the sea) and these are recommended for anyone wishing to fish on a solid construction which is set out into the water. There are around 60 of these pegs and are available to anyone who wishes to book a match on Ulverston Canal. For match bookings please visit our contact page where you will find details on how to contact the Secretary of Ulverston Angling Association and book a match.

Aerial Photo of Ulverston Canal